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Things Are Heating Up! Here Are 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean All Summer!

No matter how you put it, cleaning is a chore, especially when the weather breaks and there are more things you'd rather be doing with your time. Just because it's a chore doesn't mean it has to FEEL like one. Make it fun, get the kids involved , make it an event! This will help things get done faster and easier and set the tone for the rest of the day or the week.

A good cleaning service understands the importance of a clean house. Here are 5 cleaning tips to brighten your home AND brighten your mood !

Turn up the tunes !

Turn on your favorite music and have a cleaning concert in your home ! Dancing is a fantastic tool to reduce depression and anxiety and boost your mood ! It makes cleaning fun and you might even scare yourself with how quickly you finish .

Dance and sing from room to room. Don't limit yourself to one type of music style either. If Christmas music gets you going in July, CRANK IT UP! You can make it fun for the kids, too! Whoever finishes their designated room or area first gets to pick the next song!

Use a timer

Set a timer for each task or room and see how much you can get done before your time is up. This is also a great way to do a quick clean up when you're having guests over. The timer keeps you focused so that you don't get sidetracked on the small things.

Make it a game !

Making cleaning a game can create urgency , motivation , and competition to complete a task . For example , you could create an open ended chore chart and have the children pick chores and tasks for specific rewards. This can work for the whole family .

Choose the rewards ahead of time . Will it be a treat ? Ordering pizza ? A new shirt ? Dangling the carrot and turn regular cleaning into a fun new habit .


While multi-tasking typically hinders productivity, it may be the opposite in the case of cleaning. Listening to your favorite audio book or podcast could make cleaning a breeze! Even calling a friend while you're cleaning the stove or folding laundry will make tedious chores seem less painful.

Find the perfect cleaner

If you have done all of these tricks above and still can't seem to find joy in cleaning , it may be time to find a cleaner. Sometimes the best way to enjoy your home is to not be the one cleaning it , and that's okay !

Homeowners rely on the skill and expertise of Candice Cleaners everyday! We are an extremely reputable cleaning service who is here to make your life easier with our professionalism, reliable and knowledgeable cleaners and our easy to book website ! Message us now for more information ! Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying all the wonderful things summer has to bring !

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